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Job Openings : Campaigner, Receptionist, Field Worker, Office Assistant. Resume: info@voiceforanimals.in

Sponsor a Dog

With more than 2,500 stray and abandoned dogs in our care at any one time, we really need your help. We receive no government funding and are totally dependent on the generosity of people like you.

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Sponsor a Cat

Sponsor a Cat Program connects our special needs cats with special cat lovers like you! Our special needs cats and kittens live at our Sanctuary.

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A special form of collaboration is to virtually adopt and become the sponsor of one of the animals that live in our shelter

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Available for Adoption

There are many good reasons to adopt rather than buy a pet. Learn More


To rasie awarness among people and save the homless ls we annouce some big events that help the animals.


Save a Spider Day 2020

When you consider all of the benefits that certain creatures bring us, you have to wonder why we are so afraid of them.We bring dogs and cats into our homes and all they do is hang around, eat, sleep and good companion for us. But consider for a moment, the Spide, March 14th is annual Save a Spider Day. And there are some very good reasons to celebrate that rather unusual holiday.

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Our vounleers and community members are writting exciting stories and articles which make surprise and wise about pets love.

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Since 1995.

46589 Homeless Animals Saved
17 Districts
1926 Pets Adopted


Numbers of professionals and activists are workig with but some of them really make us proud
througytout the years.

Team Member


Vice President - Management & Operational Excellence

Hn.Mahendran has been a dedicated animal activist for over 20 years. Mahendran joined the board in 2009 as an independent, voting member and is eager to bring his expertise and love for saving animals to the organization. Under his management, SF India has set and achieved extraordinary goals; programs have expanded to serve more animals.

Team Member


Country Head

Hn.Jerold has been a dedicated animal activist for over 20 years. As an independent, voting member of the board, Jerold has supported the organization through a period of wonderful growth. During his tenure, SCAN FOUNDATION has received various recognition and accolades.

Team Member


Director - R & D

Hn.Vijayapriya has been passionate about animals since her early childhood and joined the board in 2010. For several years, she has been helping local shelters by fostering furry victims of neglect and abuse.She is as optimistic as she is passionate. She hopes her time on the SCAN FOUNDATION board as an independent, voting member will have a positive and long-lasting impact on the destiny of animals worldwide.

Team Member


Director - Cattery Management & Nutrition

Hn.Hemalatha has tirelessly advocated for animals through her service at SCAN FOUNDATION. Hemalatha is the owner and lead attorney specializing in Environmental and Animal Rights. Hemalatha helped build and strengthen the organizations programs as an independent, voting member of the board.

Business Friends

SCAN FOUNDATION Business Friends is an innovative partnership for compassionate companies willing to assist in our ground-breaking work to stop animal abuse and suffering. For more information, please contact our SCAN FOUNDATION Business Friends staff by e-mail at info@voiceforanimals.in

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If you have any questions about our works and organisation feel free to contact with us and vist our regional centres.

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