What is ARM?
We have created an ARM (Animal Relationship Management ) Online Software for managing Companion Animals ( Strays and Pets).
How it works?
It has six modules
        i) CARI.
       ii) SMS Support.
       iii) Online Search.
       iv) Collar.
       v) Tag.
       vi) Microchip.

What is CARI?

    CARI Stands for Companion Animal Registry of India.

    CARI contains the details of every animal which you have already registered. If any public find a dog with our Collar and the Tag , they can easily get to know the details of the dog, using our SMS or Online access .

    Even the dog behaviour details are also helpful for public to interact with the dog. If the dog needs any medical care if the dog is friendly the person can directly arrange for medical care without the need for any trained handlers or the public can contact the particular NGO / Animal lover.

    Automatic Reminders:

    The due dates for vaccinations and de worming are sent as an everyday reminder automatically by SMS and mail to the NGO's / care taker one week prior to the expiry date.

    By maintaining vaccination history we avoid revaccination hence prevent vaccine related side effects due to overdose. It also helps the public to know that the dog is protected from rabies.

    In India people fear of rabies and they immediately suspect the dog rabid if the dog happens to be aggressive,if the dog is found salivating or if the dog is restless. Just by above symptoms no dog can be suspected of rabies . The above symptoms are also caused by other illness other than rabies. For example a dog survived after Distemper infection can have salivation or any disease or injury to the mouth and jaw can also lead to salivation.

    In order to protect the dog from animal abuse and inhumane culling the vaccination details are useful in proving that the dog is vaccinated. The medical history and behaviour details are also helpful. For example if the dog is friendly the dog doesn't harm unless provoked or to self protect .

    Medical history includes past and current treatment.

    Past treatment gives information about the disease and treatment received so that further care is taken. For example if a dog had mange in the past, recovered after treatment specific measures can be taken to prevent recurrence like diet modifications, improve immunity, regular checkups and to watch for any recurrence of symptoms at the earliest.

    Current treatment helps to avoid simultaneous treatment by any other person for the same disease so that we avoid drug over dosage. For example if the dog is undergoing treatment for mange using the drug Ivermectin, if another person is also concerned about the dog and starts treating again with Ivermectin this can unknowingly lead to overdose of the dog which can also be fatal.

    Feeder and care taker details are provided so that in case of any emergency they can be contacted by public. Also makes one aware that the dog is already under someone's care.

What we provide for NGOs?

    We provide:
           i) The centralised access for all your animal details which you have registered in CARI.
           ii) SMS Support.
           iii) Online Search.
           iv) 24x7 Technical Support.

What are the benefits for the public?

    i)They got to know about a dog.

    ii)To encourage responsibility towards dogs among dog owners and non-dog owners alike.

    iii)A better relationship between dogs and people. A foundation on which the next stages of responsible dog ownership can be built.

    iv)To understand the concerns associated with dogs in the community.

    v)To understand the advantages of having dogs in a community.

    vi)To understand dog behaviour.

    vii)People can enjoy safer interactions with dogs. People are more aware of the factors contributing to dog bites and zoonotic diseases associated with dogs.

What are the benefits for the NGOs / animal lovers?

            i)Every dog details management.
            ii)Avoid repeated vaccination.
            iii)Automatic reminder for vaccination prior to due date.
            iv)Complete Medical history.

What are the benefits for animals?

            i)Proper vaccination.
            ii)Proper medical care.
            iii)The improved care and welfare of dogs.
            iv)Avoid dog culling.

What is SMS Support?

    Anyone can send SMS from their mobile, like.
                              ANIMAL (space) Animal ID to 56767.
                  (Use this ANIMAL ID for Testing: SFTNDN73W4).

What is online search?

    If any one need to check a dog's details they can use the below link
                  (Use this ANIMAL ID for Testing: SFTNDN73W4)

What is your responsibility?

            i)Dog Collar.
            ii)Dog Tag.

Is this ARM Free?

    YES. It's FREE for All Indian NGOs.

How to contact for technical support?

    We have 24x7 Toll Free Number 9 487 487 000 across India .

Business Friends

SCAN FOUNDATION Business Friends is an innovative partnership for compassionate companies willing to assist in our ground-breaking work to stop animal abuse and suffering. For more information, please contact our SCAN FOUNDATION Business Friends staff by e-mail at

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