• By becoming a volunteer of SCAN FOUNDATION, you can play an active role in helping us to continue our vital work.
  • volunteership is open to both individuals and organizations.

  • Individual volunteership

  • ->Junior volunteership (16 years and under) – Rs.150 per year
  • ->Ordinary volunteership - Rs.200 per year

  • volunteership benefits for individuals

  • ->Free Anti rabies vaccination for your pet from 24*7petwatch Clinic (Chennai Only)
  • ->10% discount on 24*7petwatch Merchandise (Chennai Only)
  • ->SCAN FOUNDATION News ... our newsletter will keep you up to date with our activities and provides information about animal welfare issues, tips for caring for your pet and stories about the animals that have been helped by SCAN FOUNDATION
  • -> Annual Report
  • ->volunteer card

  • Become a volunteer

  • ->For more information about becoming a volunteer of SCAN FOUNDATION please contact us on 9487487000 or info@voiceforanimals.info

  • ->To become a volunteer of SCAN FOUNDATION, download our application form


  • Donations to SCAN FOUNDATION help us continue our vital work. We rely on the generosity of the community to help the many animals of all shapes and sizes who come into our care every year.

  • You can donate to SCAN FOUNDATION in various ways:

  • -> Online – Money Transfer
  • -> Phone - please call us on 9487487000
  • -> Mail or Fax - please download our Donation Form

  • Donations in lieu of gifts

  • -> You may wish to support us by requesting donations to SCAN FOUNDATION in lieu of gifts for your celebration - be it a birthday, wedding, or other special occasion. We can provide personalized gift cards to include with your invitations, or to send to your friends, to let them know you'd like donations to SCAN FOUNDATION in lieu of gifts. Please contact us on info@voiceforanimals.info for more information.
  • -> If you would like to make a donation in lieu of a gift to a friend or family member, please download our Celebrations Donation Form. You can also purchase a Guardian Angel sponsorship as a gift for that special someone.
  • -> For information on in memoriam donations or donations in lieu of flowers ....click here....

  • Regular donations

  • By making a monthly donation to SCAN FOUNDATION and sponsoring a Dog Kennel or Cat Condo, you can help us create Happy Endings for the dogs and cats depending on us for a second chance. For more information ....click here....

  • Donations of Goods

  • SCAN FOUNDATION greatly appreciates donations of goods to help us care for the animals and raise much needed funds. If you have goods to donate please contact us on 9487487000 or info@voiceforanimals.info

Make a monthly donation

  • Support the Happy Endings program and help us put the wag back in their tail ... By making a monthly gift to SCAN FOUNDATION and sponsoring a Dog Kennel or Kitty Condo, you can help us create Happy Endings for the dogs and cats depending on us for a second chance. We also have corporate sponsorship packages which you can read about here

Guardian Angels

  • The Guardian Angel Program is dedicated to caring for and nurturing the resident animals who now call SCAN FOUNDATION home. By becoming a Guardian Angel, you can help us to provide comfort and security for these special animals by making a financial contribution to their ongoing care.
  • Guardian Angels are needed for cats, dogs, goats, birds and sheep. You can become an Angel yourself, or a Guardian Angel pack makes a wonderful gift. This program is also ideal for people who long for a pet of their own, but for whatever reason, are unable to keep one.

  • There are 6 levels of Annual Sponsorship available, with the following packages:
  • Good Friend:: Basic Vaccination, Rabies free Vaccination and De Worming one animal for one year. - Rs.1500
  • Best Friend::: Basic Vaccination, Rabies free Vaccination and Basic Treatment. - Rs.2000
  • Protector::: Spay/Neuter (Birth Control) and Rabies free vaccination for one animal. - Rs.2500
  • Guardian::Feeding Program for one year. - Rs.3500
  • Angel:: Rabies free vaccination, De Worming Spay/Neuter (Birth Control) for one animal. - Rs.5000

  • To view the animals awaiting their Guardian Angels ....click here....
  • To become a Guardian Angel please download our application form or you can call us on 9487487000
  • For more information about the Guardian Angel program email or info@voiceforanimals.info

In Memoriam

  • A gift to , SCAN FOUNDATION in memory of a loved one is a way to remember someone special, and at the same time help improve the lives of the animals we care for. When you make a memorial donation, we will notify the family of the person you have made your donation in memory of, and will also send you a receipt.
  • You can make an in memoriam donation by mail or fax by downloading our In Memory Donation Form or you can call us on 9487487000

  • Donation envelopes

  • ->You may wish to ask friends or family to give a donation to , SCAN FOUNDATION in lieu of flowers at the funeral of a loved one. Please contact us on 9487487000 or info@voiceforanimals.info and we will arrange for donation envelopes to be provided.

  • How to inform others

  • If you would like to let others know how to make a donation to SCAN FOUNDATION in lieu of flowers, we suggest you include a request in your loved one's death notice. For example:

  • Donations in lieu of flowers to:

  • New No : 28,
  • Gill Nagar,
  • 2nd Street,
  • Choolaimedu,
  • Chennai -94

Corporate community

  • There are several rewarding ways your organization can get involved with SCAN FOUNDATION.

  • Corporate Partnerships

  • To discuss corporate partnership opportunities, please contact our Business Development Manager on 9487487000 or email info@voiceforanimals.info

  • Sponsorship

  • Corporate Sponsorship of Dog Kennels and Kitty Condos contribute to nutrition, enrichment, veterinary care and lots of TLC to prepare our dogs and cats for their new homes. By becoming a Corporate Sponsor, you will receive public recognition and promotional value for your support, and at the same time your staff will feel rewarded as they get to know the dogs or cats that your sponsorship has directly helped. We will provide you with feedback and pictures of the animals you have sponsored, and there are also opportunities for your staff to become personally involved via corporate volunteering days.
  • To discuss a sponsorship package that will suit your organization’s needs, please contact our Business Development Manager on 9487487000 or email info@ voiceforanimals.info

  • Corporate Membership

  • Membership of SCAN FOUNDATION. is open to organisations, visit our Membership page for details.

  • Hold a Fundraiser at your workplace

  • You can support the work of SCAN FOUNDATION by selling Entertainment Books, Raffle Tickets or Chocolates in your workplace. Visit our Fundraising page for our current activities and how you can get involved.
  • If you have an upcoming event or social activity at your workplace, why not make it a fundraiser and help animals at the same time? For information and ideas on how to hold a fundraiser to benefit SCAN FOUNDATION email us at info@voiceforanimals.info or call our Fundraising Officer on 9487487000

  • Mobile Phone Recycling

  • An easy way to help SCAN FOUNDATION raise funds is to have a mobile phone collection bin at your workplace.

  • Workplace Giving

  • Through workplace giving, you can make regular, donations to SCAN FOUNDATION through your payroll. For more information contact our Fundraising Officer on info@voiceforanimals.info or call our Fundraising Officer on 9487487000 To download a workplace giving authorization form ....click here....

Wish List

  • Donations of the following equipment or items will help SCAN FOUNDATION to reduce overheads and direct more money to supporting our vital welfare work.
  • If you can help with one of the items below or make a contribution, please call 9487487000 or email info@voiceforanimals.info
  • Thank you to all our supporters who assist us to make our many wishes come true!


  • 1. Ambulance
  • 2. Digital xray unit
  • 3. Ultrasound machine
  • 4. Orthopedic equipment (drill, plates, other equipment)
  • 5. Mindray pulse oximeter/ECG/BP anaesthetic machine
  • 6. Refractometer
  • 7. Otoscope


  • Help us make a difference. We Need Volunteers!
  • Whether you have 15 minutes to spare or a full month to give, there's no shortage of volunteer opportunities at SCAN FOUNDATION.
  • Please contact us if you live in Tamilnadu and would be interested in HELPING OUT A GREAT CAUSE!
  • Email: volunteers@voiceforanimals.info

  • To Read about Ways of Volunteers Help

  • Read More

Business Friends

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